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    Corporate Gift Giving: Are Metal Pens the Perfect Corporate Gift?

    Metal pens are arguably the perfect corporate gift. We explain exactly what corporate gift giving is, the pitfalls to avoid when buying them and explain why corporate metal pens make the perfect business gift.

    What is a corporate gift?

    Corporate gift giving is the act of bestowing gifts upon recipients by a company or business, usually with the purpose of aiding business relationships and practice. Corporate gifts come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from boxes of chocolates all the way to all-expenses paid holidays.

    Why give corporate gifts?

    Corporate metal pens

    In most cases corporate gifts are given as a sign of gratitude, to portray the giver favourably or to affirm or enhance a relationship. A corporate gift can also offer a rare opportunity to add a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal business relationship. In some cases, however, corporate gifts are given simply because it is expected by the recipient or is accepted practice within a particular industry.

    It should be noted that corporate gifts are distinctly different from incentives, which are given as rewards for achieving defined performance targets. Although you may wish to give a gift in order to motivate the recipient in one way or another, it is important to make this distinction as it will help you avoid the gift being construed as a bribe.

    Although corporate gifts should not be seen as a business investment, they do have proven benefits. Research conducted by the PPAI showed that 91% of buyers of corporate gifts who measured the results of their gift giving agreed that it was at least somewhat effective in achieving the goals that motivated the purchase.

    Who to Give Corporate Gifts To

    • Prospective Clients: To build goodwill, aid business development and act as a reminder.
    • Current clients: To show appreciation for custom, particularly if the client has been responsible for particularly lucrative business.
    • Employees: To recognise outstanding service or loyalty. Cross pens are a traditional leaving gift for long-serving staff members.
    • Suppliers: To show appreciation for outstanding services, an on-going relationship or simply due to corporate culture.
    • Shareholders: To show appreciation of investment.
    • Local community or charity: To signify appreciation of relationship and encourage on-going benefits of relationship.

    Ethics and Etiquette of Corporate Gift Giving

    Raven Ballpen

    Surprisingly, corporate gift giving can be a bit of a minefield. Before considering the giving of a gift, you must find out whether the receiving company has any policies in place regarding gifts. Some companies, for example many in the financial services, insurance and medical fields, bar gifts altogether. More commonly, a company may have restrictions in place on the value of gifts or the situations in which they may be given. If a business does have such policies in place, ensure you follow them to the letter to avoid embarrassment or offence. Giving a gift during a bidding process is also a big no-no and by avoiding overly lavish gifts you should avoid your motives for gift giving coming under suspiscion.

    What to Give

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate gifts. Here, however, are some of the most popular choices:

    • Food: Food items are extremely popular corporate gifts. The problem with food is that it often fails to make a lasting impact as it is eaten quickly within an office or taken home for friends and family. In most cases businesses insist on giving sweet gifts and chocolate; these will not be appreciated by any recipient currently dieting.
    • Alcohol: Though this another old go-to for corporate gifters, it has declined in popularity. There is an enduring stigma around alcohol, especially hard liquor, in the business world, so tread carefully if you decide to go down this route.
    • Office Accessories: Stationary and desktop items are another classic corporate gift choice, ranging from mouse mats to expensive corporate metal pens. The only pitfall with office-related items is that they can vary in quality massively – make sure that the office gift you choose reflects the quality of the business relationship you’d like with the recipient.
    • Tickets: Whether it’s an Arsenal season ticket or hard to find theatre tickets, access to an exclusive event can make an excellent gift. What makes tickets such great corporate gifts can also make them disappointing ones; they must be just right for the recipient. A client may say in passing that they enjoy opera music but that does not necessarily mean they’d like to spend 3+ hours taking in Rigoletto.

    Why Metal Pens are the Perfect Corporate Gift

    High quality corporate metal pens are the perfect busines gift and here's why:

    • Timeless: Technology can become outdated and clothing and novelty gifts may go out of fashion, but a well crafted metal pen will never be passé. 
    • Sophisticated: A fine writing instrument will always demand respect. All you need do is hold one of our corporate metal pens and you'll feel more in control. 
    • Long-lasting: Unlike many corporate gifts, which are consumable or expendable, a good quality metal pen will be cherished by its owner. This means it will act as a constant, and pleasant, reminder of your business to the receipient.
    • Tasteful: Unlike many corporate gifts, a metal pen does not come with any kind of risk of offending the reciepient. If in doubt, they are the safe bet.
    • Personalised: Depending on the cicumstances in which the gift is given or nature of its receipient you may wish your corporate gift to hold your logo. If this is the case, a corporate metal pen, subtly engrave with your logo, can be the perfect way to reinforce your brand with the recipient in style.

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