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    BG E2 Eraser

    Rectangle white Eraser with a generous print area.
    As low as £0.14

    BG E5 Rainbow Eraser

    Rectangle mutli colour stripe Eraser with a generous print area.
    As low as £0.15

    BG Pencil

    Classic pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Available in a wide range of colours.
    As low as £0.09

    BIC Matic Mechanical Pencil

    Estimated writing length of 10.000 metres that provides write-out equivalent to 21/2 woodcase pencils! Three 0.7mm #2 graphite leads.
    As low as £0.39

    Eco Friendly Newspaper Pencil In White.

    Silver Ferrule & Matching Eraser. Other Colours Available. Minimum Quantity: 500.
    As low as £0.12

    Funky Neon Fluorescent Wood Pencil In Pink.

    Black Eraser & Matching Pink Ferrule. Other Colours Available. Minimum Quantity: 500.
    As low as £0.11

    Green & Good Recycled Denim Pencil

    Made using recycled denim with eraser
    As low as £0.22

    Green & Good Recycled Money Pencil

    Made using recycled bank notes with eraser
    As low as £0.22

    Green & Good Severn Recycled Propelling Pencil

    Propelling pencil with eraser made from recycled plastic bottles
    As low as £0.34

    Green & Good Wooden Pencil Sharpener

    Double cavity sharpener. Made using sustainable timber
    As low as £0.79

    Hi-Line WE Pencil

    White wooden pencil with silver ferrule and pink eraser. Can be printed in full photographic quality digital colour 360?? around the barrel of the pencil.
    As low as £0.38

    Lamy Econ Mechanical Pencil

    Slimline mechanical pencil with blasted stainless steel finish and distinctive clip presented in a gift box. Pencil fitted with 0.5 fine lead.
    As low as £14.35


    Customers love the Sharp-Rite.Theres no other full colour wrap print mechanical pencil with clip that beats its price and value. Refillable.
    As low as £0.65

    Pencil Case Set

    A set of essential desk items; perfect for schools, colleges or even in the office. Our frosted coloured pencil case, plus a pencil, eraser, T3 ruler and Calypso ballpen. All items printed one colour with your logo.
    As low as £1.75

    Pricebuster Digital Pencil

    The Pricebuster Pencil is a great value desk essential. This wooden pencil comes with a useful eraser at the top. It has an excellent branding area for your full colour design and is perfect for schools colleges and offices.
    As low as £0.34

    Pyramid Sharpener

    Pyramid shaped pencil sharpener, in White with Black Trim.
    As low as £0.27

    Scrivo Mechanical Pencil

    NEW! Stylish metal mechanical pencil in four fresh colours Fitted with a 0.7mm pencil lead and integrated eraser positioned underneath the chrome push-button. Available as a stand-alone item or as part of a set with the Scrivo Metal Ballpen.
    As low as £2.10

    Six Colour Pencil Set

    Six small colour pencils in a recyclable box.
    As low as £0.25

    Pencils Sharpeners & Erasers

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